Holiday Hustle and Bustle: Less-stress school ideas

I was just thinking of how the busyness of the holiday season and all of that hustling about can be stressful, especially when it comes to school. Why not put some fun into your school schedule and use the holiday season as a springboard for your academic studies?  Here are some of the things we have done over the years in place of our regular schedule leading up to Christmas. After the idea I have italicized the area of educational study that would pertain to it.

Write a Christmas newsletter and send it electronically This saves on postage, you can add cool graphics and be easily edited. language arts, technology

Play educational games to review facts (online math games, make- your- own math games, phonics rules, science, social studies,etc.) various subjects

Read the story of Christmas (Luke 1,2 and Matthew 1, 2) language arts- reading, listening, narration

Write and  illustrate a narrative of the Christmas story. It can be close to the original story or taken from a totally different perspective or time period.  For example: an innkeeper’s point-of-view, set in modern-day, etc. language arts-narration, summarization, grammar,punctuation

Look at the map of Jerusalem to see where Mary and Joseph traveled, calculate the distance social studies, math

Study the  vocabulary of  Christmas– manger, host of angels, Immanuel, swaddling clothes, crèche, lowly, etc. language arts

Delve into the history of  Christmas carols and share what you have learned, either through narration or a written summary. language arts, social studies

Read about other countries that celebrate Christmas social studies, language arts

Read about Hanukkah and make some Hanukkah crafts. social studies, language arts, art

Read about Saint Nicholas Look on a map to see where he lived. Discuss his life and kindness to others. social studies, language arts

Read  the history of the  Twelve days of Christmas. Who would give someone 12 lords anyway? Calculate how many items would be in our house if your true love gave you each of the items listed in the song. social studies, language arts, math

Make cookies and take to neighbors, shut-ins, and the nursing home. home arts, math, social skills 

Shop for those less fortunate. Make Christmas cards to go with the present. home arts, financial literacy, art, language arts

Write and decorate a Christmas card and send to a serviceman or woman art, language arts

Invite someone over to help bake, make crafts, or gingerbread houses.  home arts, art

Have a great month!

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