Animals and Nature

The last two weeks I have been writing about teaching nonfiction to students and also about writing nonfiction reports. Click on the underlined links if you’d like to read about these topics. If you have decided to write a nonfiction report on animals I have some great resources for you.

My children loved looking at pictures of animals when they were young. They were curious about all different kinds and I loved reading about them and discovering details about them I didn’t know.

I was reintroduced to a magazine called Nature Friend. This great magazine has articles about animals and activities to accompany them. Each moth your children can learn to draw a featured animal, do a science activity, complete a scavenger hunt, and read articles about various animals. Mention code TOSE1133 when calling, or enter coupon code TOSE1133 on Internet orders and receive $3.00 off your subscription. Offer ends 12/31/11. If you are unsure as to whether you would like to purchase it you can review a sample of it online for free! There is a supplemental study guide that be purchased too.

Nature Readers were a big hit in our home. Each reader is at a different reading level so they can be read independently or read aloud. There are five in the set, but you can order them separately. These are terrific to use on inclement days!

Nature’s Art Box, Laura C. Martin This looks like a great book to use as a resource for creating nature-related crafts and projects as well as seeing what artists have done with natural objects. If the weather is less than desirable or you don’t have any of those resources where you live, you can purchase nature items at a hobby supply store.

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