Burglars and Elephants: being afraid

It’s quiet in my house some nights.Too quiet in fact. A couple of weeks ago I was upstairs in our back bedroom grading assignments, writing lesson plans, and printing off papers on our printer downstairs when I heard a noise that sounded like the gears turning for our garage door. In order for that to be true then someone had to be entering our kitchen. I knew that it must be a burglar because Dale wasn’t home and Ian was at work. I crept into the hallway and the first thing that came to my mind was, “Tonight is the night I am going to die.” I was actually quite calm about it and asked the Lord to forgive me of all my sins and to comfort my family. (I kid you not!) The next thing that went through my mind was,”I wonder what they are going to take?”

Then, another thought that came to me (finally!) was calling the police and texting Dale. I also thought about locking myself in the bedroom or hiding in the closet so the burglars wouldn’t find me. I listened a little more and didn’t hear footsteps or any other noises so I just stood quietly allowing my heart rate and breathing to calm down a bit. I listened again, still no noise. My heart rate is still dropping and hope is rising as I think that maybe the noise I heard wasn’t the garage door, but something else.

I decided to slowly but steadily creep, oh so softly, down the stairs to see if there were any intruders. Much to my relief there wasn’t anyone in the house and when I looked around the room my gaze fell upon the “burglar”. It was the wireless printer that I had sent copies of my lessons to just a few minutes earlier! I sat down and laughed until I cried as I thought about how crazy I was.

Fast forward to tonight. Another quiet evening by myself. I made a pumpkin cheesecake and had set the timer on my ipad since I couldn’t find my regular timer. It probably was taken in the “break in”. 🙂 Since it was the first time I was using the timer app I wasn’t quite sure if the alarm would  sound so I went up to the kitchen to check on the cake as it was getting to smell pretty yummy in the house. While I was testing it to see if it was done, I hear this sound and about jump out of my skin as it sounds  like elephants trumpeting. Elephants?! What?! Talk about being scared! Then I realized it must be my ipad trumpeting the alarm to check my cheesecake. Sure enough, that’s what it was! It looks like my ipad timer works and I think I will change the alarm to something more traditional sounding.

Well, I just had to chuckle at my imagination running away with what I thought was occurring here at my house. I was just pondering how I could think such wild thoughts when the Lord reminded me of all the other crazy, fearful thoughts I have about things I have no control over. I have spent a lot of time allowing my thoughts to go toward, “What if?” or  wondering if I said something stupid or hurtful and feeling awful about what I might have done. “Fear not” is the command we have been given by the Lord. So, I am going to continue to put my trust in Him and not be afraid. Take my advice: don’t use noisy electronic devices while you are alone. They may cause unnecessary “alarm”.

4 thoughts on “Burglars and Elephants: being afraid

  1. Oh how funny! Glad you are safe and sound.. although you should look for a ” fun” sounding alarm. Something pretty not borrowing : )


  2. I loved this post, Lisa, these are the moments you will laugh about later and will be glad you journaled them. Because as much as you dont think you will forget, you will. That’s what I love about blogging, catching the little moments in life. Thanks for the giggle- but I can totally relate to those scary moments as rob travels during the week. And yes, great advice: fear not. I want to try to instill these bible verses in my girls minds so they have that to refer to in those weak moments…


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