Columbus Day

Today is the day we commemorate Christopher Clumbus’ voyage to the Americas.  Here are some fun worksheets and activities to do.

Christopher Columbus Character for a play or story telling.

Christopher Columbus mini book to print along with a quiz!

Write a story about Queen Isabella and Christopher Columbus.

Math worksheet using a graph

Read and color sheets

Have you tried to do copywork with your children? This is a terrific passage to introduce to your students.  It would also make a fun refrigerator piece or a letter to send to grandparents if you had your scholar copy and illustrate it. This poem is short and easy to remember for little ones if you’d like to have them memorize it and recite to Dad at the dinner table tonight.

In fouteen hundred and ninety-two

Columbus sailed the ocean blue (author unknown)

The poem Columbus would be ideal for  choral reading, read aloud, memorization. or copywork.

Here are some book selections for Columbus Day. Click here to see the list. 

The First Landing of Columbus in the New World, Washington Irving This is a short passage that can be read aloud and discussed with your older students. Questions: How does this vary from the stories you have heard? Summarize Columbus’ prayer when arriving on shore.

The True Story of Christopher Columbus,Elbridge S. Brooks This is an 14 chapter online book that can be downloaded if you so choose. First published in  1892.

Art Picture Study Here is a smaller picture of First landing of Columbus on the shores of the New World, at San Salvador Questions to ask:What is taking place? who is the man kneeling in front? What does the flag represent?  Who do you think the man with the cross is and why is he in the painting?

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