No condemnation here!

I met with a friend today over lunch and we had a great talk about trying to keep everything going without messing up. Remember the saying, “The faster I go, the behinder I get”? (Lewis Carroll). It just seems like when I scurry around (reference to the White Rabbit here- 🙂 ) I get befuddled and don’t get much done. I find myself in a boxing ring with no one but myself as the opponent beating myself up! Are you feeling like that?

Well, I have a comment to make about that… Stop! You don’t do anyone any good in doing that and isn’t that why we need some Divine intervention? You have my permission to hang up your Supermom cape and boots. Spandex is out of style anyway!

Also, my friend brought up a good point. If I didn’t intentionally hurt anyone and I was doing my best I ought to give myself the okay to be imperfect, to be human. That goes for you too! I have found if I give grace to others then I receive a measure of grace as well. I sure have needed it lately as I have had to make lesson plan and schedule changes. The only thing that has really gotten messed up is my pride. That’s not a bad thing either-to be humble.

Find someone to talk to and listen to what you are feeling and trying to accomplish. Are you doing too much? Is there something you can possibly quit doing? No, you can’t quit homeschooling or taking care of your family, silly! I was thinking more along the lines of extra curricular activities such as ballet, sports, art lessons, music lessons, weekly field trips, and that kind of thing. Remember that less is more. All of these activities are good, but limit the number that you are involved in.  If you can consolidate them into one place or day that is a better use of your time. Co-ops or family groups are a great way to accomplish several of these all in one day. You could trade off with a friend too so that you each get a “free day.”

So, no more condemning yourself. Take a critical look at what activities you and the family are doing and ask yourself if there is something you can drop for now and add in the future. You won’t be less of a mom if you can’t do it all and I think you will see that you will be less stressed, less apt to forget something, and more at peace. No condemnation here! 🙂 🙂

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