Road Names- Really?

Here is a new vocabulary word for all of you wordsmiths out there: onomastics.It means the naming of things.

On my journeys all  across town (I logged 7,500 miles with in-home tutoring and teaching at PEP last year) I have come across some funny street names. I even live in a strangely named neighborhood myself. My abode is in a “themed” neighborhood where many moons ago our subdivision was named Twilight Estates. Here are some of the names of the streets throughout my neighborhood: Planet, Astro, Saturn, Venus, and Jupiter. I think the irony of all of this is that somewhere along the journey of life I have been called a Space Cadet. Now, I actually am one since I live on a planet. I bet you can’t say that! 🙂

There is another part of town that has two roads that intersect- Grinn and Barrett. There are also names throughout town such as Storybook Lane ( I expect to see Snow White and the dwarfs come out of one of the houses), Zig Zag, Devil’s Backbone and Crooked Tree. I found some interesting ones on the internet: This Aint It Road, Candy Cane Lane, and Lonesome Road (I guess they don’t get many visitors there).

Have you seen any funny street names? Please share as I am sure we can all use a smile.

6 thoughts on “Road Names- Really?

  1. I grew up near Rocky Fork Lake in Highland County, Ohio. There are clusters of vacation, now some permenant, homes all on themed streets. Pied Piper Way, Robin Hood Lane, Long John Silver, Wizard of Oz Circle. I did get lost in a smally town in Kasas once that had flowers for street names. E. and W. Sweet Pea, Daffodil ect…


    • That is funny! I wonder if in the Wizard of Oz section there is a Flying Monkey Drive and Wicked Witch of the West Ave.?
      So, do you think it is men who name the streets or women? In the case of the wildflowers I would would venture a guess that it was a woman.


  2. We refused to buy a home that was on “Chipmunk Crossing” once. There is a neighborhood in or near Indianapolis that has names such as “Lazy Lane”, and “Simien Lane”… for those who don’t mind endless character flaw jokes ;o) How about “In Our Circle” for those “Who’s On First?” two-sided conversations?? There is also “Skipping Stone”, “Floating Leaf”, and “Lilly Pad Lane” for those men who are really secure with their identity as a strong, American Male.
    These streets are within about a two mile radius in Indianapolis.
    What are builders thinking~?? LOL!


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