Gifts of Homeschooling

“For me??” is what I used to say as a child if I received an unexpected gift. Homeschooling has certainly done the same thing to me as I am sometimes surprised at the wonderful times I have had homeschooling. Here are a few of the unexpected rewards I have received:

  • Cuddle time on the couch
  • Dreams shared
  • “Ah-ha!” moments
  • Sharing life as a family
  • Being real
  • Sharing my passion for the Lord and life with my sons
  • Seizing the moment
  • Field trips
  • Thinking outside the box
  • Sock fights
  • Hugs and kisses (Still- even though they are young men)
  • A lifetime of memories
Feel free to write a few of the gifts you have received homeschooling. I’d love to read them.

4 thoughts on “Gifts of Homeschooling

  1. I remember whizzing my son to kindergarten one afternoon and passing by a fireman’s training site where the local fire house was preparing to burn down a run-down house. My son, who was fascinated with firemen at the time, begged and cried to pull over and watch. Instead, I took him on to the same building he had been in every day for the past 7 months so he wouldn’t be “late”. THAT was a lightbulb moment for me. I cannot imagine going through childhood unable to stop, see and learn something that sparked interest. That is the biggest blessing in our home ~ time.


  2. I have three children and while teaching my older two, my youngest has been learning along with them without me directly teaching him. While walking through the house one day, I heard him sounding out words in one of our Scholastic Bob books at the age of four. I was amazed that he was actually picking up on phonics without me teaching him. When he was five years old he begged me to teach him the language of cursive. Since I was teaching my second oldest son how to write in cursive he just assumed it was another language. I had chuckle and try to explain that cursive was not a language but a style of writing. All my kids and myself were in the car at the time of the question so I had to try to explain the best I could.


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