Mathematical Literature

I found an amazing book that I think you will enjoy. It is called Literature- Based Math Activities: An Integrated Approach by Alison Abrohms. I checked to see if the books that were featured were easily accessible from the library before recommending this resource and good news- they are!
Here are the topics covered in the book: Number Sense and Numeration; Whole Number Concepts; Geometry, Patterns, and Spatial Sense; measurement, Money, and Time; Fractions, Probability, and Graphing. There are reproducible worksheets, math activities, and ideas on how to extend the book to other subject areas.

I also found another book at the library that uses literature, but is geared more toward middle school and has math standards listed for each book. Exploring Math with Books Kids Love by Kathryn Kaczmarski

I have a confession to make- I have not been all that crazy about math having had bad experiences as a child.  I was disinclined to dig all that deep into doing any more with math as a home schol mom other than a few picture books here and there. 😦 If only I had resources like this I would have enjoyed the subject much more. If you are like me and do not like math, read some of the books featured in the above-mentioned book or try these books below and I think you will find math to be a lot more fun!

Additional books with mathematical concepts:

Sir Cumference and the First Round Table, Cindy Neuschwander (This is for older elementary students since it is discussing the concept of circumference.)

Math Potatoes, Mathterpieces, The Grapes of Math (and more!) Greg Tang  These books are great for problem solving and thinking creatively.

Bunny Money, Rosemary Wells (If you haven’t read Max and Ruby stories yet, you are in for a treat!)This book comes also has activities about money.

Bunny Party, Rosemary Wells A book about counting

Fractions: After you read these books you either have to bake something with your child(ren) or eat pizza. Either will be a wonderful hands-on activity. 🙂

Apple Fractions, Jerry Pallotta

Fraction Fun, David A. Adler This covers fractions AND money!

Fraction Action, Loreen Leedy

Full House: An Invitation to Fractions, Dayle Ann Dodds

The Hershey’s Milk Chocolate Bar Fractions Book, Jerry Pallotta (Prolific author of non-fiction books- both math and science)

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