Reading Levels

One of the biggest challenges for home school mothers of new and early readers is determining what reading level and books to have your children read, whether that is aloud or independent. I have found a few resources to help you with that!

Scholastic has books at various reading levels and individual book titles that are categorized by grade, subject, and also price. It is called the  Guided Reading Leveling Chart.

The McCall-Crabbs Standard Test Lessons in Reading has five volumes that contain reading selections.  These short passages are read by the student within a 3 minute period with questions about the test afterward. Reading level is based upon how many questions were answered correctly. Keep in mind that this is just a short reading selection and a gives you a general idea. If your child is struggling, you may want to consider having your student tested for language processing issues or vision problems (tracking).

Tips: Make sure you have plenty of time for your budding reader to read aloud in order to gain fluency, confidence, and comprehension. Allowing them to pick books that are easy to read are a great way to ensure success. If you would like to increase vocabulary, discuss stories and characters, find good books to read aloud. Happy reading!

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