Preparing for a Portfolio Review

How do I prepare for a Portfolio Review?

Since you are preparing a portfolio of the academic year it is important for you to have a sampling of your pupil’s work in each subject area.  Samples should be from the beginning, middle, and end of the academic year.  The portfolio can include papers, workbooks, projects, pictures, artwork, test results, or any other items that show the student’s progress.

How should the portfolio be organized?

Ohio regulations require that a student complete work in all subject areas listed on the Home Education Notification Form. Organize the work in the order that they appear:

  • Language, Reading, Spelling, Writing
  • Geography, History and Government (U.S., Ohio, and local)
  • Mathematics
  • Science, Health
  • Physical Education, Fine Arts
  • First Aid, Safety, and Fire Prevention

What guidelines should I use to prepare the portfolio?

Follow the outline of your course of study that you sent to the superintendent.  This will be beneficial as a guideline to help you put your portfolio in order. Organize the paperwork in chronological order by subject and date schoolwork.  If traditional curriculum was used,take workbook pages or you can take the entire book. If other means were employed, take a representation to review. (pictures, projects, a narrative of your school year, etc.)

 Subject areas may be organized as follows:

  • Reading – A list of books and/or readers and other sources that were utilized for reading. (computer software, games, websites) You do not need to have a huge list, you just want to show progress is being made.
  • Language Arts/ Creative Writing – Samples of journals and compositions. (stories, poems, letters, etc.)  Handwriting, spelling, sentence structure, and grammar will be evaluated based on writings. If you have workbooks you may bring those.
  • Math – A representative cross section of daily work and tests to show mastery of concepts.
  • Geography, History, Government, Science, and Health – A list of the concepts covered  throughout the year. Workbooks, pictures, or projects can be provided.
  • Fine Arts, Extra Curricular Activities – A list of field trips, classes, music lessons sports activities, etc.

What will an assessor provide as a result of the Portfolio Review?

Your assessor will sign a state approved Academic Assessment Report you will take home with you at the conclusion of your personal appointment. This is to be sent to the superintendent when you notify for the upcoming academic year. You make a copy for your own records and send the original to the superintendent. If you are interested in having me do a review for you, please contact me so we can set up an appointment.

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