More Summer (School) Ideas

Here are more ideas for school this summer.

The zoo cannot be beat when you are discussing various animals and their habitats. Our local zoo has some wonderful programs. Once we examined elephant and zebu dung (regarding how various animals digest their food) and I even took it home and put it in my compost afterward!

County fairs are not only fun, but educational. You and your child(ren) can look at different breeds of animals, see various demonstrations, and eat some funnel cakes (yum!).

Farmer’s markets are a great way for your student(s) to get to speak with local farmers and ask questions about how things are grown. We have a number of them throughout the city and I enjoy talking to the vendors about various gardening techniques, how to use an unusual vegetable in dishes, etc.

Animal shelters are an option if your child is thinking about pursuing becoming veterinarian, loves animals, or you are thinking about buying a certain dog breed. Many times the shelters need people to walk the dogs and this could also go for volunteer hours if you have older students who need them for their high school transcripts.

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