Summer (School) Ideas

Here are some great ideas to do this summer. Remember, our academic year in Ohio is from July 1- June 30 if you are home schooling.

Library programs are great incentives for getting your children to read. If you are not close to a library then make your own or see the reading programs in the next heading. Reading is a skill that should be practiced daily especially with new and young readers.

Summer Reading Programs and Challenges are available online for anyone who isn’t able to utilize the library or wants additional ideas.

Here is a free, public website run by Sylvan Learning Centers. Children read books and then take a 5-10 question multiple choice quiz on the book. Successfully completing the quizzes earns points and points add up to prizes!  Parents can set their own prizes too and can track the progress of the children. You also can set the grade level of books to be tested.

Park programs both local parks and state parks have great naturalist programs that you can attend with a wide variety of subjects that are science related.

Museums are a perfect way to spend a muggy summer day! You can arrange for a docent to give you a tour or you can do it on your own. We have enjoyed the children’s area of museums that most have in the building. Most museums have activities such as a scavenger hunt for families to enjoy while they are there. Just ask at the information desk and a knowledgeable employee will help you.

Play days at the park can be arranged for you to meet a friend and her family for a play date. This can count toward physical education and also time for you to deepen friendships.

Vacation This is the ultimate field trip! You can include science, history, reading, art, music, etc.,this is limited only to your imagination. My children’s complaints were that they just wished they could go on vacation without me always making it a learning experience- sorry- no can do when you have a home school mom involved!

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