Google Docs


I took a class this fall on Google Apps for the classroom and will be sharing some of the apps I think will be useful to you as a home educator. Today I wanted to share an app for that can be used for Language Arts, but can actually be used for every subject area when writing.

Do you have a child who needs guidance with writing? Perhaps they are just beginning to write independently or perhaps they just need you to come alongside and offer some help with organizing their thoughts. Google has a free educational app called Google Docs that you will find useful for your student for creating a document.

The document is stored in the cloud and can be shared and edited if you so choose. This is a terrific means to offer suggestions to your child and also have accountability in meeting deadlines. There is a comment feature so that your suggestions are written on the side and can be resolved by the writer. I have had my students copy and paste the document so that we can see the progress that has been made throughout the course of the time spent on it.

The app can also be used if your student is collaborating on a project with someone else. The document can be shared and the other person can make changes if needed. The wonderful thing about that is if your child has been assigned a project that requires a document to go along with it, you can share it from the convenience of your home and do not have to drive across town to work on the paper together.

You can look at this amazing app for yourself by clicking HERE.

Seed Educational Initiative


If you live on the East side of Cincinnati here is a homeschool co-op informational meeting you can attend to learn more details.

You may have heard about SEED.  You may have read about SEED.  Now is the time to come and see what SEED is up to on the East side of town!

SEED Educational Initiative, Inc.

Open House 2016 – 2017 School Year

Come meet the SEED families and hear about the exciting classes planned for the 2016 – 2017 school year. Bring the whole family! Q & A Session and a facility tour will be conducted at 5:00 P.M.

When:                  Saturday, February 27, 2016

                              4:30 P.M. – 5:30 P.M. 

Where:                Eastgate Baptist Church (Main Floor of the School Building)

                              717 Barg Salt Run Road

                              Cincinnati, OH 45244

Portfolio Review Giveaway

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Congratulations to Brittanynicolemu and Jill Birmingham! Please contact me to schedule your portfolio review. Thank you to all of you who entered my giveaway. I appreciate you anad look forward to seeing you this year.


It’s that of year time of year my annual giveaway of  TWO free portfolio reviews (also known as homeschool assessments). Each portfolio review is a $40.00 value.

Here are several different ways to have a chance to win:

Subscribe to my blog.

  • This is for someone new that is not currently subscribed to my blog. :) Please write a comment to let me know you have done so in order to enter your name in the giveaway.

Tell a Friend

  • If you recommended my blog or me as an assessor to a friend, please leave me a comment. I will enter your name for each recommendation.

Leave a Comment 

  • For you who have had a portfolio review before, please let others know why you choose to have a portfolio review for your student. It’s nice to hear the reasons and will help others with their decision-making process.

The contest will end at midnight on January 31, 2016. Winners will be selected via a random generator ( and will be notified via the announcement on my blog, on February 1, 2016.

If you do not live in the greater Cincinnati area, but are living in Ohio and are in need of a portfolio review, I can do a Skype call or Google Groups. 

If you win, you will need to redeem your free review this year (March 1- August 5, 2016 ).   Thank you to each and every one of you who has subscribed to my blog or have chosen me to assess your student. I am greatly honored and look forward to seeing you this year.

I hope you win!


Homeschool Giveaways & Freebies


I have found a treasure with the Homeschool Giveaways and Freebies website. Every week there are several things you can download for FREE. Of course, who wouldn’t like that?! They have a wide variety of items that are for all grade levels, beginning with preschool all the way through high school. This week there are free cursive handwriting worksheets, a Creation preschool pack, division worksheets, SAT crossword puzzles, and creative writing prompts. Why not check it out? CLICK HERE

Inspector Gadget Series: Florida


For those days when everyone is wanting to get out of the house and explore, but the weather is stopping you, I have a solution! How about a travel video for Social Studies?

Inspector Gadget, the   quirky, half-human, half-robot detective who [inadvertently] solves crime has another video, this time he is investigating Florida! Disney Educational Productions has  produced a series for children ages 6-12 that are 59 minutes long that show you various fun places to visit. Here is a sneak peek of the points of interest that can be seen in this video: St. Augustine, The Keys, and the Space Coast – NASA and Cape Canaveral.

(The sun wall hanging in the picture was made by my oldest son in an art co-op class. It makes me think of warm summer days! The shells were made by God; I must give Him all the credit. :) )