Book Adventures



A few homeschool moms have recommended this website, so I had to check it out. I am happy that I did because this is a tremendous tool for reading. With Book Adventures your child  can:

  • search for book titles
  • read books
  • even take quizzes!

Geared for children in grades K-8, you have an available resource to aid you as a teacher in regards to book choices . With over 8,000 book titles and quizzes, you are sure to find new titles for your student. Additionally,  there are  printable certificates, rewards, and games (online and printable) for your reader to make reading and reading comprehension interesting and motivating.

Are you wondering how you can possibly keep up with all of the books your child will be reading? A handy tool  entitled the report form can be used to track your book worm’s progress that has categories such as the title of the book and the score on the quiz they have taken.

Best of all, it is FREE! :) If you want to check it out yourself, click here.

Local Educational Co-ops 2014-15

(Updated for 2014)

In my opinion, the Cincinnati area is a fantastic place to live if you are a home school family. One of the ways you can do this  is to get involved in an educational cooperative.  Not only do you have tremendous opportunities to get involved with fellow homeschool families, but also have fantastic classes for your students.Here is a listing of the ones that are in the area. Call as soon as possible since many have limited space available. If I have not listed a co-op that you know is in the area, please contact me with information and I will add it to the list.  

Cincinnati Area Co-ops and Programs 

Providence Extension Program (PEP): This is not a co-op in the traditional sense because you, as a parent, are not having to teach classes and stay onsite.Specializing in Classical Education with a Biblical Worldview, PEP partners with homeschool parents to give 7th -12th grade students the knowledge of history, writing & speaking, and biblical philosophy vs. world philosophies they need to convince the world to follow them as they follow Christ. Experienced Tutors· Two-day collegiate format· CORE Concept for Humanities are all just a part of the PEP experience. PEP has a 13 year track record of preparing students for success in college and a life that is glorifying to God. Our strong academics have enabled many of our graduating students to receive college scholarships. PEP has three Greater Cincinnati locations.To learn more about PEP click herePlease contact one of the site administrators for more information.Milford-Faith Church,5910 Price Road, Milford, OH 45150

Director: Marilyn Childress (Tuesday, Thursday)

Mason- Grace Baptist Church, 5595 Mason Road, Mason, OH 45040

Director: Tammy Treft (Monday, Wednesday)

Northern Kentucky- Good Shepherd Lutheran Church, 9066 Gunpowder Road,Florence,KY  41042

Director: Stephanie McCord (Monday, Wednesday)

Kingdom Builders Homeschool Co-opDate Organized: 2012Location: Grace Bible Presbyterian Church in SharonvilleMeetingTimes: Wednesday, 9:00-1:00Costs: $120/family/semester, $50/family/year registration fee, additional fees for some classesGrades: nursery – 12th grade


Family Christian Homeschool Co-op

Date Organized: 2012 Location:  North Fairfield Baptist Church, located near the Bridgewater Falls shopping area near Hwy 129, Fairfield Twnshp.

Meeting Times:Friday mornings 9:00 AM- 12:35 PM 13 weeks per semester; 26 weeks total

Cost: $50—Annual Registration Fee/Per Family – ALL Families $70—Per Semester Fee/Teacher Families  OR  $140—Per Semester Fee/Non-Teacher Families Grades: Kindergarten-12th grade

Director: Michelle Mauch Email:


Veritas Christian Homeschool Group Date Organized: 2000

Location: Old Middletown Christian School building at Grace Baptist Church, Middletown

Cost: $85.00 per family per trimester for a.m. classes; $100 per family per trimester for all day (30 weeks total) Grades: nursery- 12th gradeMeeting Times:  Thursday 8:45 a.m. — 3:00 p.m.

Director: Leah Green Email:

Web Site:

PIE (Partners In Education) We are a spirit-led Christ-centered community that provides a variety of educational and enrichment classes for home schooling families in a safe and loving environment. 1 Corinthians 12:20-25 We seek to offer a selection of core classes for each grade level that can provide a solid foundation for a home school program. Our parents work together using their gifts, teaching, helping, supporting and encouraging one another and their students, to form a safe, secure environment for our families to learn and grow.

Location: 8480 Rt. 42, West Chester, Ohio

Meeting Times:  Monday mornings 9-12 beginning September 16th We offer classes for all age ranges: PreSchool – Kindergarten Elementary Middle Jr/Sr High School

Website:  ( ) for more information or email

Wisdom’s Way Co-op 

Date Organized: 1999

Location: Faith Church Milford, Ohio Meeting Times: Monday’s beginning in September from 1:00 – 3:00 PM for 12 weeks

Cost: The cost is $40 per child (maximum of $120) per family

Grades: nursery – 12th grade Director: Rene Normand Website:

Learning Tree Co-op in Springdale, Ohio

Date Organized: 1997

Location: Vineyard Community Church, 11340 Century Circle East, Cincinnati, OH 45246

Meeting Times: Monday’s 10:00 – 2:30 (2 semesters of 15-16 weeks each per year) Cost: 70.00 per child per semester (3 child maximum per family) plus family membership fee of $50.00 per semester. Teachers and leaders get one child’s tuition free.

Grades: nursery-12th grade

Directors: Lexi O’Connor and Jen Moore Email:

Web Site:


Date Organized:  2004/2005

Location: Trenton Christian Church Middletown, Ohio Meeting Times: 2nd and 4th Thursday of the month  from 1:00 – 3:00

Cost: $15.00 for the year  (subject to change)

Grades: Pre-K – 12th Grades

Director: Cherilu DuVal Email:

Website: None Our members come from Middletown, Trenton, Franklin, Carlisle, and Germantown.

West Branch Learning Tree (WBLT Cheviot)

Date Organized: 1999

Location: Friendship Baptist Church 8580 Cheviot Rd Cincinnati,Ohio

Meeting Times: Mondays from 9:30 – 2:00

Costs: 80.00 per child (3 child maximum) Grades: nursery – 12th grade

Directors:  Debi Parker and Amy Kearns

Email: debi.rebuild@gmail.

Website:  http://www.homeschool-life/oh/wbltcoop

POINT Middletown, Ohio Filled at this time, sorry! 
POINT (Parents Offering Inspiration, Nurturing, and Training)

Date Organized: 1999

Location:  New Covenant Church, Middletown, Ohio

Meeting Times:  Fridays, 9:30 AM -12:15 PM

Cost:  $164 per student for 28 weeks, $35 annual fee per family, and $15 annual supplies fee Grades: nursery – 12th grade

Director: Brad and Paula Sanders



Leaves of Learning

Date Organized: 1996

Location: 931 Obannonville Road Loveland, Ohio

Meeting Times: four days a week Grades: 1-12

Cost: 150.00 deposit to hold your spot plus monthly tuition fees

Director and contact: Diana Osborn Email:  or 673-9021

Web Site: *You can drop off your child for classes, so it is not fellowship-oriented for the mothers.  Leaves does not have a Christian emphasis, but does have Christian parents involved.

Path-Partners in Academic Training of Homeschoolers

We are a Christ-centered group of volunteer home school parents, partnering together with Christian teachers to provide high quality courses for 7th – 12th grade home school students.  Our goal is to have all courses taught from a Biblical perspective at an academic level to prepare students for higher education. We offer a full compliment of courses from 7th-12th grade, including: Physics, Anatomy, Chemistry, Biology, Physical Science, General Science, Composition/literature, American History, American Government, Western Civ I & II, World History, World Geography, Spanish I & II, Advanced math, Geometry, Alg II, Alg I, Alg 1/2, Saxon 87, drama and art.

Website: Email: ( for course availability and more detailed information regarding pricing, days they meet.)

Meet Dates:  Monday and Wednesday

Location: Faith Church, Milford

Enrichment Co-op –1 Corinthians 1:5, “For in Him you have been enriched in every way; in all your speaking and in all your knowledge.”

Meet Dates: Thursdays

Location: Grace Evangelical Free Church, 605 Meadowcrest Drive, Cincinnati, OH 45231

Contact: Marci Davis Email:

Calvary Chapel Tri-StateLocation: 5957 Boymel Road,Fairfield, OHMeet Dates: Monday 9:45-1:30Grades: Preschool- High schoolContact: Rachel Triebull: jesusowned@hotmail.comStarting Date- August for the High School and September for the younger students. (There is a three week break in there for the older students before the younger ones begin).

Classical Conversations  Local groups:

Colerain Township
South Lebanon
West Chester east
West Chester west

Established 1997

Grades: K4-12 (college dual credits available for grades 11-12)

Contact: Individual administrators- check website for all details, locations, pricing, etc.

Beth Yada

Location: Edgewood Baptist Church, 1010 West State St. Trenton, Ohio 45067

Meet Dates: Thursdays (Sept through early April)12:30 – 3:00 We offer 4 grade levels of classes: K-2nd, 3rd-5th, 5th-7th & 7th-12th. Contact: Karen Cox

Cafe Co-opLocation: Evangelical Community Church, Struble Road, Mt. Healthy

Meet Dates: Wednesday afternoons We offer enrichment-type classes taught by a mix of paid teachers and willing moms. We offer art class for all ages (preK to high school), Spanish, PE, and both ballet and Irish dance classes, as well as other choices.


 Wondering what the benefits are to being in a co-op or if you should join? Here is a post that I have written that will help with your decision. Educational Co-ops: Do I Join?

Help with Writing

imagesHaving used a variety of writing curricula over the years,  I am inclined to believe you have to find an author who most closely aligns with your style of teaching and philosophy since people approach writing through a variety of avenues.

Some authors prefer to be formal and have specific elements that are to be present in each of the piece that is written. If that is your style and thinking, then here are a few programs to research:

Institute for Excellence in Writing, Andrew Pudewa This program is tried and true with a DVD set to help you understand and teach writing. Areas of study include: outlining, summarizing, research papers, essay writing, and creative writing. Multi -age and multi-grade level, beginning in elementary and continuing through senior high school, this program will serve your student well in communicating in a clear and concise manner. Essay writing will be a breeze and research papers will not be a daunting task since students are taught how to do this easily with this program.

Writing Strands, Dave Marks, is a veteran teacher and home school dad created a multi-grade program for students. The four strands of writing (argumentative, explanatory, creative, and report writing) are explained and modeled for students. Short lessons for students to practice after each lesson with humor are sprinkled throughout the  lessons.

Are you interested in an incremental writing program? Two that I recommend are Jump In and Write Shop.

Jump In is a writing program from Apologia that can walk your writer through a step-by-step process of even the most daunting writing tasks.  The writing steps are small with a practice section for the students after each skill is taught.  The process is explained in a conversational manner that a junior high student could read it on their own and you, the teacher, can  discuss  and monitor the work that is being produced. Students of various writing levels and grades will enjoy using this curriculum.

Write Shop has programs beginning in kindergarten. The nice thing about the primary books is that you can do them orally with your beginning writers. Having used the middle school program,  students enjoy the topics they are given to explore. Giving students the opportunity each time to write about something they enjoy enhances the program and involves the student even more in the writing process.

Are you looking for online programs?

The Potter’s School has classes for writing beginning with 5th grade and continuing through 12th grade. Not only can your student take a writing class, but they have a wide selection of classes in every academic area. There are summer and year round classes from which to choose. In the past have worked with several of the outstanding tutors and I highly recommend this program.

Write at Home can either be used as an a la carte program that your student submits individual papers to be read and graded by a teacher, or your child may enroll in a full-time class beginning in the fall. Their classes begin with middle school (5th grade) and continue through 12th grade. One of my friends used it exclusively for their a la cart program and her daughter loved it.

Home2teach offers high quality, challenging, college-prep online writing classes to homeschoolers ages 8 to 18 world-wide.  While I have not used this program, it does look like a terrific option for students.

If you have found a program that I have not discussed here, please leave a comment.


Morning Knowledge Nuggets

Screen Shot 2014-06-24 at 6.38.22 AMAngela sent me these wonderful ideas after she read last week’s guest blog post that Suzanne wrote on Character. This was too good to keep to myself so I asked her if I could share this with you and she said, “Yes”! I have included links for the resources that she has mentioned.

My “Morning Knowledge Nuggets” (a title the kids and I came up with last year when we started homeschooling) is my chance to “start the day in the right way” and get in some “tidbit” lessons that I might not get a chance to otherwise.

We begin with our prayers and a daily devotion/bible verse.  Then we do our “Character Connection” with a lesson or activity for the character trait of the month.  I also include an Etiquette lesson (the kids love the book from the Etiquette Factory) and an “Ethics” lesson where we try to tie it all in and talk about morals and values (I discovered at the end of this year that the kids loved hearing Aesop’s Fables and trying to guess the moral of the story…great discussions).

Sometimes I’ll throw in a “Sticky Situation” from a book I have by the same title that is a devotional.  It depends on what day it is, as we do each of these things on one day of the week (or take more as a situation presents itself).  There is also a second book, Sticky Situations 2

After “Character Connections,” we do our “Grammar Game.”  This is something short to reiterate grammar basics.  Sometimes we take a sentence for the week and  do something different with it each day, like Monday-label parts of speech, Tuesday-label sentence parts, Wednesday-label sentence type, Thursday-talk about capitalization, punctuation, and review the week, and Friday-”quiz”-apply what we’ve learned to a new sentence of the same type.  (btw, this all came out of a need to desperately improve our grammar fundamentals!!)

Other weeks, I’ll do something short and “fun” (although the kids don’t always think so!) to reiterate a difficult concept, what we’re learning that week, or something new that isn’t quite covered in our lessons.  Then we do a bit of German and end with our journal writing!  Sometimes we are done in a half or less, other times it takes an hour for all of it.  But I always feel like our day is a lot more complete when I can get in these “other” important things!  :)

Working on Character

nature-wallpaper-8I recently had a conversation with my homeschool support group leader and friend, Suzanne. She and I were talking about the importance of building character. What she had to say was insightful and encouraging so I asked her to share what was on her heart. Thanks, Suzanne!


As homeschoolers, we decide to embark on this journey for all sorts of reasons; one that comes to mind is to instill Godly character in our kids.  Character has been on my heart lately.  We can all agree that academics are important, but without good character it’s all irrelevant.

So what does good and Godly character look like, and how do we go about passing it on to our kids? First, let’s look at what it means to have good character.  Our true character is how we act or react when no one is watching.  The definition of character is moral or ethical quality.  You can have all the smarts in the world, but without quality character it’s likely you won’t have close friends, or will have strained relationships, and we all desire to be accepted by others.  The Bible uses the words wisdom, righteous, and integrity when speaking of good character, and has quite a bit  to say about it.  Proverbs 10:9 says, “The man of integrity walks securely, but he who takes crooked paths will be found out.” When one of my kids has a character issue, I stop everything to redirect them, even if it means math takes a backseat for the day.  I try to keep it light and fun, sometimes we act out the right and the wrong way to act.  In the end we’re all laughing, but my point has been made.

Now that we know what good and Godly character looks like, how do we get it and instill it in our kids?  Well, you don’t just get good character, because we are all born sinners.  Character has to be modeled, and taught; this usually starts in the home with mom and dad.  Kids model their behaviors after us; they are watching all the time.  Now I know we are not, and never will be perfect beings, but if our children see us model ourselves after Jesus, and acknowledge when our behavior is poor, it will become clear to them.  If I teach and give Godly instruction, but don’t model this behavior, then I’m nothing more than a hypocrite, and they will see it.

One last thing, without love, it is all done for nothing.  Let us instruct and redirect with love.  Love=acceptance and peace, and kids want to be accepted.

Colossians 3:14 And over all these virtues put on love, which binds them all together in perfect unity.

Ephesians 4:2 Be completely humble and gentle; be patient, bearing with one another in love.