10 End of Summer Activities


School is just about to begin and It seems like it just got started. I heard that weatherman already counting down the days we have left until fall begins. What?! I want to enjoy every single day of summer, don’t you? Here are some possibilities I am considering for my family:

Water day– Running through the sprinkler, splashing in a water table, squirting water guns, throwing water balloons are all so much fun!

Zoo– If you haven’t gone to the zoo yet, think about going and spending the day out. If it isn’t possible to go, here is a website with several zoos that have virtual field trips: CLICK HERE

Read favorite books– How about grabbing some books and sitting under a tree on a blanket or curling up in a chair on the porch or in the house? My kids loved to read on their own but loved me reading to them too.

Bubble day– Make your own or buy them at the store. Keep score of how many bubbles were popped, time how long the bubbles stayed in the air, which one floats the farthest.

Get a treat– How about going out for ice cream or making a favorite summer dessert?

Take a day trip– A change of scenery does wonders for our family. Every time I get away from the house I wonder why we don’t do it more often. 🙂

Catch fireflies–  Here in SW Ohio we have a lot of fireflies and it’s fun to run around and catch them. You can observe one for a while and release it. They are pretty slow and even little ones can catch one. Don’t have these where you live, how about a game of flashlight tag?

Take a Walk or Go for a Bike or Car Ride- I find this is a great way to connect with my family. We can point out things we see and share common experiences.

Pack a Picnic- Eating on a picnic blanket or at a picnic table is a little bit of work, but has created great memories for our family.

Game Night–  For younger family members you can draw, color, play with Playdoh, or blocks. For older family members you can play board or card games.

Have a great week! ~Lisa~






Investigating Ohio

Screen Shot 2019-03-20 at 4.25.49 AM.png

Looking for things to do in Ohio? Check out this website.  ONLY IN YOUR STATE Here you will find categories of attractions, food, and life that feature a variety of places to visit. I looked at the sites close to where I live and have found quite a few places I want to go and visit. What a great way to experience Ohio! You can also check out their historical sites to see and study for the state history requirement we have for homeschooling.

If you are going on vacation you can go to the home page for the listing of other states. There are the common places you may have already been to or seen, but there are also interesting and unusual places to visit.

Have fun exploring! ~ Lisa ~

5 Inexpensive Valentine’s Ideas

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Valentine’s Day is a wonderful way of showing your husband how much you love him. I know money can be tight, so here are some ideas that won’t break your piggy bank.

Create a coupon book. These coupons can be created to do simple things for your husband such as vacuum out the car; give a back rub; watch one of his favorite movies with him; go for a hike; listen to his favorite music with him, etc.

Food! The old adage, “The way to a man’s heart is through his stomach” may not be accurate, but a good homecooked meal or a yummy dessert is greatly appreciated by my husband.  If your hubby has a favorite meal, why not cook that for him?

Have a quiet evening together. After the kids have gone to bed turn the lights down low and snuggle on the couch. I bet you can’t even remember the last time that happened! lol

Get a sitter and go on a date. Can you trade off with a friend for watching the kids for an evening? You could go out for dinner, go bowling, window shop at a sporting goods store or do something that your husband enjoys.

Tell him how much you love him. I have a confession to make. Sometimes life just gets busy and days go by without me saying, “I love you!” to my husband. Telling him that and letting him know why I love him is something I want to do with much more frequency. It doesn’t cost anything but is priceless. 🙂

Have a great week! ~Lisa~



3 Ways to Beat Homeschool Blahs


Living here in Ohio can make the cold days of winter and staying indoors hard on homeschool mom and student(s) alike! Daydreaming of warm weather, palm trees and sandy beaches is what I find myself doing more and more. Do you wish that your children had somewhere to go or something to do besides complain to you that they are bored? How about taking advantage of the indoors to do some fun and creative activities?

Build a fort The easiest way I found to make a fort was to take sheets and drape over the kitchen table on one side. You can lay the sheets perpendicular (criss-cross) so that it is nice and cozy. Be sure to have something heavy on the top of the table over the sheets so that they do not move. Inside the fort, add blankets and pillows, some snacks and books for the occupants to enjoy. Yes, I know the table is out of commission for the time being. What about cooking something easy to eat for dinner (like sandwiches or walking tacos) and everyone eating their meal inside the fort?  Of course, you can make your fort more elaborate and here is a video for inspiration. 

Have a cooking class would be a great way to not only spend time together, but you can incorporate health and safety into your lesson. Once you teach your son or daughter how to prepare that particular dish, they can make it one night when you are too tired to cook. 🙂 That’s a genius idea, isn’t it? lol Some simple ideas to do with your child are macaroni and cheese, tacos, spaghetti with ready-made salad, potato bar, or a crockpot soup like Quick and Easy Vegetable Soup They might be even more inclined to eat the veggie soup if they made it. (maybe?)

Play Games! Your children will be learning quite a few valuable things while playing games: giving and following directions, cooperating, and physical education (balance and coordination). The children can play Mother (Father) May I?; a version of Hide and Seek  where an object is hidden instead of a person; Simon Says; an indoor obstacle course such as carry a small toy in a soup ladle from point A to point B, crab walk or crawl a certain distance, roll a paper towel tube across the floor with only your chin; or walk the distance of your living room or hallway while balancing a book on your head, jump over a chair cushion, etc.

Enjoy your week! ~Lisa~ 





Opportunities to Help Others

Helping others is one of the best things you can do to let children see the needs of others. There are organizations that you can take your children to help as well as ministries where you can send money if you are not able to go. How you go about choosing who to help can be a daunting task since the need is great.

Have a family meeting to decide who/ what comes to mind that needs help. I like to start at home and then reach out from there. Look around and see if there is a need (chores to do, a kind word or deed).  Is there an extended family member or friend that needs help with finances, an encouraging word, or yard work, babysitting, grocery shopping, etc?

If you do not have anyone with a particular need, then what about volunteering at: your church, a homeless shelter, or volunteer on the Great American Clean Up Day or contact a local agency that has a park cleanup.

Screen Shot 2018-07-16 at 8.03.11 AM

I have a worksheet to help you and your children decide what you would like to do. I think it would be great if your daughter or son is old enough to help you decide who to help or where to go.  Helping Others

Enjoy your day and post a comment if you have an idea to help others or you did something kind for someone.  A friend just wrote about someone paying for their lunch! My neighbor heard I was having a big family gathering and volunteered her folding chairs for us to use. How thoughtful is that?

~ Lisa~