Academic Assessments

If you are a homeschool parent in need of an Ohio certified teacher to review a portfolio of your child’s work, please consider contacting me. I have been reviewing students’ work for nearly twenty years and love seeing the progress that each student makes. I also love encouraging you, the teacher, to continue with the excellent job you are doing.

If you live in the Greater Cincinnati area, I would love to meet personally with you for a 30-minute appointment to review work and discuss progress your student has made. But, if you can’t meet with me, that is fine. You can send me samples of your child’s work, either by postal mail or electronically and you have the option to meet with me via the Internet. I have a form called Year in Review that you can complete to accompany your student’s academic portfolio should you wish to avail yourself of the electronic or mailing option.

I provide all of the paperwork you need to submit to your school district; a little something for your successful scholar, and personal notes.  My fee is $40.00 per student portfolio review assessment.

Please email me to receive the Year in Review document, instructions on how to send your student’s paperwork, and how to remit payment. Please contact me at: I look forward to serving you and your family.