Homeschool Assessments: Who Needs Them?

There has been some confusion on who exactly needs an assessment here in Ohio. You only need to have a portfolio review assessment if your student is going to continue homeschooling for the next academic year. Let me give you some scenarios so that I can help make it clearer.

Q: I have a kindergarten student, but they weren’t six by the time school began. Is an assessment required?

A: Did you notify the school? If so, yes, you do need to do an assessment. If you did not, you do not need an assessment. The key is whether you notified your school district.

Q: I decided to homeschool once school began.

A:Yes, you need to do an assessment. But, you only need to provide samples of the work they have done since being homeschooled. As an assessor, I am not looking to see what they did in school before you began homeschooling.

Q: My student graduated this year. Do I have to do an exit assessment?

A: No, you are finished! Celebrate your accomplishment in graduating your child. (Can you hear me whistling, clapping, whooping with you?)

Q: We homeschooled this year, but we will not continue next year.

A: No assessment is required. The school may decide that your student needs to be tested in order to place them, but that is totally up to your school district. I have been asked to do an assessment as some school districts require this in order for your student to be enrolled in school.

If you are interested in scheduling an assessment with me, I am scheduling families now for the 2022-23 school year. You can see my homeschool assessments tab for more details. But, here is a quick link to scheduling:

Questions? Feel free to contact me and I will be glad to help.

Have a great week!

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