Portfolio Review Changes for 2020

Update as of April 24, 2020: This is from Home School Legal Defense’s website concerning the requirements for assessments this year.

It has come to our attention that the Ohio Department of Education has released guidance that conflicts with what we previously told you.

The ODE recently released this statement:

Ohio’s emergency legislation makes a short-term change to reporting requirements for 2019–2020. Typically, parents must send the local superintendent an academic assessment report for the child for the previous school year. That report must include one of three things: the results of a nationally normed, standardized test; a written narrative indicating that a portfolio of samples of the child’s work has been reviewed and that the child’s academic progress meets the child’s abilities; or an alternative academic assessment of proficiency mutually agreed upon by the parent and the superintendent.

Section 17(L) of H.B. 197 exempts the requirement to provide the results of the nationally normed, standardized test to the resident district as a condition of the district continuing to allow the student to be homeschooled in the 2020-2021 school year. However, the parent must still meet one of the other two requirements.

We previously wrote that the Director of Non-Public School Options at the Ohio Department of Education had informed CHEO’s legislative liaison that the intent of Section 17(L) of House Bill 197 was to waive all assessments for homeschoolers, and that it would publish guidance to that effect. It is now unclear whether the ODE will release the guidance it had originally promised.

We will be working with CHEO to contact legislators and ODE staff with our concerns about this. We hope the legislature will clarify its intent regarding homeschooling assessments.

We appreciate your support. Please don’t hesitate to reach out to use with your questions or concerns.


downloadThis year all homeschool students are not required to submit assessments, either standardized tests or a portfolio review/ homeschool assessment.  However, it is being recommended that you consider doing it anyway.  If you would like to have me review your student’s work I can certainly do that for you electronically and we can meet online. We may also have the opportunity to meet in person in the summer but we will need to see what will be the recommendation by the CDC.

Here is the information from Home School Legal Defense (HSLDA) :

Homeschool families will not be required to submit assessments upon subsequent notification for the 2020-21 school year in order to continue homeschooling. Originally a technical tax correction bill, House Bill 197 was amended to include coronavirus response legislation. The bill reads on page 724-725:

“(L) No school district shall require the parent of any student who was instructed at home in accordance with section 3321.04 of the Revised Code for the 2019-2020 school year to submit to the district superintendent the results of a standardized achievement assessment administered to the student as a condition of the district allowing the student to continue to receive home instruction for the 2020-2021 school year.”

Although the language is somewhat unclear, CHEO’s legislative liaison, Melanie Elsey, was told by the Non Public Education Department of the Ohio Department of Education, who proposed the language, that the intent was to waive the entire assessment requirement for the current school year for homeschoolers in light of the challenges presented by the coronavirus. The ODE has assured CHEO and HSLDA that it will issue guidance to all school districts that homeschoolers should not be required to submit assessments.

However, any family still wishing to assess is free to do so. Families who have issues when they submit their notice of intent in the fall are invited to contact HSLDA for assistance. You can visit CHEO’s website for more information also!

HSLDA appreciates the opportunity to serve you. We are all thinking about and praying for our members and friends!

Have a great week! ~Lisa~


4 thoughts on “Portfolio Review Changes for 2020

  1. Hi Lisa! question, so does section 17 state this or am I reading that incorrectly? if it doesn’t, are they going to issue an amendment so that is says that? Thank you! Lisa Brown

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