Free Portfolio Review Giveaway! Winners Announced


 Thank you to all you ladies who entered the contest. The winners are Larissa H and Mei Ling! You each receive one free portfolio for the 2014-2015 school year.

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Free Portfolio Review Giveaway! Closed

Woo Hoo! It’s that time of year where I give away two free portfolio reviews! If you are interested in having a chance to win one of the reviews (a $40.00 value) there are six ways to enter.  Each way gives you one chance. I will draw one name for each portfolio review on January 31 and post who won on my blog February 1.

“So, how do I enter a chance for the giveaway?” I am glad you asked! This year there are even more ways to win that last year.

  1. Subscribe to my blog. Write a comment that lets me know!
  2. Like me on Facebook. There is a link to my Facebook on the right side of my blog. Write a comment below to let me know you are following.
  3. Write a comment below about why you like to homeschool.
  4. Direct a friend to my blog. Write a comment below that lets me know you did that.
  5. Sign up for a portfolio appointment (March-July) and let me know you want to enter the giveaway.
  6. Recommend me to a friend and have them mention your name (this month) when they schedule a portfolio review. Of course, I am always appreciative when you recommend a friend to me- THANK YOU!

I hope you win!


~ Lisa

39 thoughts on “Free Portfolio Review Giveaway! Winners Announced

  1. Hey Lisa! I have subscribed, followed you on Facebook, sent an email about setting a portfolio review date as well as shard your blog with many friends cause I find your ideas very helpful in our homeschooling days! Thanks!


  2. I have shared & liked you on FB, and subscribed here. And, as for the reasons I love homeschooling: Christ centered/ family centered learning & living, following each kids pace & passions (“individualized” learning), flexibility of schedule


  3. subscribed, like you on facebook (and in real life), AND told everyone on the superduper friends of learning tree facebook page about you. still love homeschooling after 15 years..because of people like you who keep encouraging me to keep on!


  4. Hi Lisa,
    Thanks for offering the free giveaway. I already subscribe, and I appreciate your posts.
    I have a degree in secondary education and have taught high school for 15 years (traditional and online). I have learned more about education and the value of it through the last couple of years homeschooling. I feel blessed that God called our family to be home learning together.
    Looking forward to seeing you soon!


  5. Hello Lisa-
    I of course subscribe to your blog, and I liked your Facebook Page. I love the freedom of Home Education. That is my favorite part.
    So 3 entries. 🙂 Had to do the Math.


  6. Hi Lisa! Always love reading your blog and excited to see the great articles you post on facebook, which I’ve just started following! Love homeschooling because I can be with my girls and meeting amazing families and women like you who all have the best interest in mind for our kiddos. Thanks!


  7. I do read your blog, Lisa, and love it. I also love homeschooling for several reason. Two of my kids have special learning needs: one has mild dyslexia and the other has auditory processing disorder. My youngest is an academic natural who easily catches on to anything and everything with minimal effort. I love homeschooling because I have been able to tailor each of my children’s education using products that speak straight to their hearts and am able to give them each lots of one on one time as they need it. I also enjoy the flexibility of my yearly schedule, I get to include Christ at the center of lives and days, I get to spend more time with my kids in general, and we as a family enjoy much more time in the evenings together because our evenings aren’t filled with homework.


  8. Hi Lisa! I already subscribe to your blog and love it! Unfortunately,(or actually, fortunately!) I don’t do facebook, and I love homeschooling because it gives me the chance to be with my children, really get to know them, and strengthen our relationship and bond!


  9. Hi Lisa, love your blog and have been subscribing for a couple of years. By the way, I noticed the new wallpaper (background) – very feminine and nice. My husband and I homeschool for serveral reasons: (1) We have all boys and studies show that girls do better than boys in classrooms (wiggly willy’s) (2) One boy is academically challenged with language processing issues (3) Christian teachings (4) Choosing our own history, science and curriculum. (5) The princliple (Dad) can be accessed 24 / 7 within a moment’s notice. We began homeschooling with my oldest while he was in first grade. He is finishing his junior year and preparing for PSEO and college. Homeschooling does work!


  10. Well let’s see. I do follow your blog, have been since it’s inception. I’ve always liked you in person, so of course, I like you on Facebook too. Lastly why I like to homeschool: well, I felt that God called me to this journey. It’s been wonderful to have been able to love and nurture my children, watching them grow into respectful,confident,God-honoring young men and women all the whilst giving them an education which bent to their gifts. Even with a special needs child, she may not be as “educated” as some say but I tell you her spirit is intact. She is a confident, happy young lady who others enjoy being around. The reason I like to homeschool, I could go on and on but I’ll just say because it was blessing from God.


  11. Hi Lisa! We are new to Ohio this school year. I have a 4 year old and a 6 year old. We moved from KY so this is our first year having to have a portfolio review. Suzanne Eversole told me about you and then I saw your post for this giveaway. I subscribed to your blog (which I have already found some of your posts to be helpful) and also liked you on Facebook. I really enjoying homeschooling. I believe it is a calling and responsibility that I have to ensure that my children are being educated and growing in the Lord to be Godly men. I love seeing my children learn and grow. There are also just so many educational opportunities that are available to our children outside of the classroom. I am really happy that I have found so many home educators here in Hamilton.


    • Welcome to Ohio, Jessica and congratulations on (nearly) completing your first year of homeschooling! I have boys too! Feel free to send me a comment or email if you would like to see a topic addressed on my blog.


  12. I have been blessed by your blog for quite some time now, and I am happy that I can now follow you on Facebook! Thanks for your encouraging words both on your blog and at our annual assessment. I am excited to refer one of my neighbors, who is a new home schooling mom, to your blog. I’m not sure there is enough room here to express all the reasons we love home schooling, so I will name just one – the relationships we have built with our children and the relationships they have built with each other – priceless!


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