2 thoughts on “Reading Programs for Struggling Readers

  1. I wanted to mention that before Christmas I decided to switch my reading program for my 2nd grade son (and his younger sister) to All About Reading Level 2. I am SO glad I switched. My oldest really struggled with reading until we started using All About Spelling (yes, the spelling program). I am happy to report that she was able to learn to read very well by learning the techniques for breaking down words for spelling and using them to decode words for reading. However, when she was struggling, All About Reading had only published Level 1. Since she had already mastered those techniques, I didn’t buy the program. I continued on with my other 2 kids using the prior phonics program but my son has just had some challenging hurdles that are more difficult than I prefer to try and jump. There are two things he has been struggling with. He struggles with breaking down larger words, meaning words longer than 6 letters. And he struggles with language itself (speech) and segmenting each sound that he reads. He went to speech therapy for 1.5 years and does a lot better now. Well, I am now elated to report, he isn’t struggling anymore!!! We are still working through Level 2 for him, which is actually considered the 2nd grade level book. We also purchased Level 3 for him to start once he finishes Level 2. I spoke with All About Learning on the phone about their products and they stated that level 1 is written for a K child who knows all of their letter sounds but mainly for a 1st grade level. Level 2 is to a 2nd grade reading level. Level 3 is a 3rd and 4th grade reading level. And Level 4 (the last level) is actually written to a 5th and up reading level. I just wanted to shout some praises out for this company because their products may be expensive but I personally have found them to be worth every penny! They have built up confidence in my son and he is sounding out longer words all time now – at the grocery store, in a magazine, on my phone – and he is actually reading them correctly more often than not. The only down fall to their program is that if you do annual testing, their phonics don’t perfectly align. But that doesn’t bother me one bit – I don’t test 🙂


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